Grow New Teeth Naturally with Stem Cell Implants

Want brand new pearly whites? Do you regret not taking better care of your teeth? Have you knocked a few out? Broken or damaged some? Well a new study published by the Journal of Dental Research, shows the possibility of growing new teeth with the help of 3-Dimensional scaffolding implants.

Dr Jeremy Mao and Columbia University Medical Centre’s Edward V. Zegarellu, a Professor of Dental Medicine, explain that the porous scaffolding, enhanced with a growth factor, attracts your body’s natural stem cells. The stem cell saturated scaffolding then combines to produce naturally developed teeth in just nine weeks after the organic implants are inserted.

Don’t like the idea of teeth grown in a laboratory petri dish? Do you prefer the chance to have your body grow its own replacement teeth? This new tissue regeneration technique could be perfect for you!

The natural regenerative method means you can grow anatomically correct teeth without the use of artificial implants. The scaffolding is made of all natural materials and will provide a base structure to support the body’s stem cells until they change into bone and merge to create teeth. Stem cells are a unique, unformed cell. The ones that change into skin cells, cartilage, bone, hair, brain cells, and ever other cell that your body needs as it’s created in the womb. Every person’s body has a store of stem cells, which it uses to repair and regenerate damaged tissues with its own nutrients.

Columbia University’s Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Laboratory developed the procedure and the patent requests have already been submitted. The path to public availability has begun. Dr Jeremy Mao is now on the search for associates who can help support the commercialisation of this revolutionary new procedure. Its method is cheap compared to complete, artificial dental implants, since the tissue regeneration is powered and controlled by your own body and the body’s abundance of natural stem cells. This new procedure will change the lives of the low to middle income earning families, helping to create confidence in the average person, and opening their life up to more opportunities.