Photos That Prove That People Are Just The Worst With Cars

Do you have a car or know someone that does? If you do, you will know that taking care of them takes patience and a lot of money. Cars can break very easily and it will cost you a lot to fix them. That’s why people try to fix them by themselves and just make it worst. Others just use their cars as trash cans or as a canvas for their graffiti art. Here are 50 photos that prove that people are just the worst with cars and serve as examples of things you shouldn’t do. Enjoy our list and take care of your car!


This rookie repair job will make any mechanic angry but we think it’s clever. It can explode at any second, yes, but at least you will get your car going until you can repair it.

This problem

Oh my god, how this could happen? We have no idea but it looks like a nightmare. Imagine the smell that your engine will make if this happens to you. Your mechanic won’t be happy about it.

This customer concern.

Going at 130 mph is extremely dangerous, and your car may be telling that by vibrating. This mechanic had to deal with this adrenaline junky and we hope that he or she didn’t fix that.

This wooden tire.

We think this is the worst idea ever but we wonder if it actually worked. It looks so bad that we don’t know how it got to the workshop. Please don’t do this, ever.

This repair

We know that tires can be expensive but this may not be the best solution. You can’t just repair it this way, and the moment you start the car, it will break again.

This tire

This tire is so old that it’s time to change it. If you take your car to the mechanic like this he or she will tell you that you are stupid because it’s super dangerous to drive like this.

This paint job

Jesus, take the wheel. This is totally wrong. You can’t see anything on the engine and your poor mechanic will have to deal with this design for hours. We pity him or her.

This customer description

“Check rattle noise like 2 skeletons making out on a tin roof during a hail storm using a tin can for a condom”. This is the funniest thing we’ve read so far and we bet that the mechanic also laughed a little.

This customer

What the hell. This person really needs to get some help with his or her addiction and this mess. Energy drinks are not good for you, and obviously, not good for your car. It would take hours to clean this.

This thing

What in the hell is this? Who would want this diabolic face to be on their cars? We don’t want to know. That poor mechanic will have to deal with this and it’s just the worst.

This handle

What happened to this handle? And how can someone use their car like this? So many questions but little answers. Maybe it’s Hulk’s car and he did that, it’s the only possibility.

This radio

Oh no, this is just wrong. When your radio dial breaks you just need to buy the piece that doesn’t work, not put a cork in it. It looks wrong and it will break it even more.

This conversation

This is hilarious, and we know that it can happen to any of us. “Customer states that burrito fell down into his engine bay on the right side”. Poor burrito, he didn’t deserve to die.

This headlight

This is just wrong and really bad for your car. Your mechanic should give you a life lesson if you drive like this. Everybody knows that water and electricity just don’t go well together!

This repair job

This repair session went terribly wrong. It must be the worst thing ever to go to a mechanic and to receive your car even more broken than it was before.

This truck’s tire

Today we learned that a lot of people drive in the worst conditions ever and that it’s super dangerous for them and for other drivers. Please, don’t be this kind of person.

This battery

If you don’t know what you are doing, please stop and take your car to the mechanic. This battery has the plastic cover still on! It’s so stupid and funny that we can’t argue with this person.

This illustration

This is the perfect illustration of why you should never run over cones. They are so sharp that they will totally break your tire! Cones are there for a reason and you should take that into account.

This plumber

You are a plumber, not a mechanic, so don’t work on your own car! This looks like a stupid idea that no one should do, even a professional plumber. We are sorry for the mechanic that will have to deal with that.

This hack

This hack wasn’t gonna work from the start. We think that the picture of it is cool, though, but it’s actually a very bad idea. Just go to the mechanic and he will know what to do.

Use screwdriver

This can’t be good. If you need to use a screwdriver to start a car, you need to go and fix that before you can fix anything else and drive your car.

This travesty

We can’t believe that this is a real thing. It looks awful and it must not be good for your tire. Please don’t spend money on this stupid stuff, just keep your car working.

And this one

What happened to this one? You can’t drive with a tire like this. Just go to the mechanic and get it fix before it explodes and you get any damage.

And, of course, this one.

Another old tire. This is so useless that if you crush, your tires will not help you at all. It’s like walking with old shoes, it’s the worst. Just change your tires every once in a while!

This lube.

This is funny, but also a little bit disturbing. We love puns but this one makes us feel a little weird. At least you won’t forget to use lube for rusted car parts.

This tire bubble

What’s wrong with people and old tires? This one has a bubble that’s about to explode and make this car owner’s life worst. If you have this problem, just go to a professional.

This inspection.

This photo won’t make only mechanics angry, it makes a lot of people angry too. How you can keep your license like this and that many papers together? We have no idea.

This customer

“Cats are getting into her engine, might have poop in it and now runs funny” this is such a funny description of a car’s problem that we can’t be angry to the person who wrote it.

This exhaust.

We didn’t know that Nesquik cans could be this useful. Jokes aside, don’t use cans as your car exhaust because it’s super dangerous and bad for it. It looks funny, though.

This problem

We love this kind of pictures that show us what’s on the bottom of every car, but they can also show how you are keeping your car and what kind of things you put on it!

This method

This is genius if you want to make a busted taillight read again. We think that it’s also illegal so, fix your lights before a cop makes you a ticket!

This zip

Just no. Please don’t do this art and craft on your car because it’s the best way of getting it even more broken and put your life in danger. Stop trying to fix anything by yourself!

This ironic decal

This is a self-aware Prius owner. We are not sure if he hates or loves Prius but we think this is hilarious and will make any mechanic laugh a lot.

This tire is missing a section

What happened? Did this tire was built like this or something just make it lost that section? This is a mystery and we know that your mechanic will know what to do.

This customer solving his own problem

“Customer states water leaking into passenger floorboard when it rains (says sunroof was open when this happens) when sunroof closed does not leak”. This is so funny, that we now want to become mechanics so we can read this kind of stuff.

This used bike

Cars are not the only things that mechanics have to deal with. Bikes are also their problem, and especially really old bikes with this kind of leash. This is really bad.

This battery

Batteries are really dangerous and people just love playing and trying to fix them. Just go to the mechanic already! Look at this one, it looks like a rotten sponge.

What the hell

How did this happen? We have no idea this could happen to a school bus and we hope that the kids are alright but we are sorry for the mechanic who will have to deal with this.

This customer issue

“Customer states when playing games on her phone, she cannot hear the game inside of the car while it is running” We love this customers’ request that makes absolutely no sense.

Don’t run over a mattress.

When this happens, you learn not to run over a mattress. It’s not worth it and it will totally ruin your car. You mechanist will be happy when he sees he has to deal with this.

This paint job

This is really bad. Don’t use foam if you don’t have to, or your car will end up like this. Use the best paint you can find and take your car to a professional.

This hipster offer

“Gluten free brakes” is a great advertisement. People love buying gluten free things and they will pay attention to this offer. Always check your brakes, it’s the most important part of your car.

This garage disaster

How did this car end up like this? The owner of that car must be trying to sell anything to pay that fix. We hope that he is okay, though.

This vehicle

If you don’t understand that you should not drive this vehicle, you don’t know how to read. Look at how many problems one car can have. We relate to it, honestly.

This trash can

Some people use their cars as trash cans. This one won the award for the nastiest car we’ve ever seen. It’s so disgusting and we are sorry for the person driving that.

These issues.

We love that the problems of this car were “there was no battery” and “aux cord wasn’t pushed in all the way”. This person’s mechanic must be still laughing, it’s hilarious.

This spray art

Why just why? Cars are not canvas and you shouldn’t paint a graffiti on them. They look dirty and the design is not even that good. Paint your walls, not your car.

This concern.

This is very specific, but again, that speed is very dangerous for your car and your life! We don’t know why they need to go at 122 mph but please stop.

this DIY

Perhaps you shouldn’t DIY car parts That’s a BiC pen and it looks good but it can break at any moment. Your mechanic will think you are more stupid than clever.